Don't Let a Concussion Go Untreated

Don't Let a Concussion Go Untreated

Bring your child to our concussion rehabilitation clinic in Tinton Falls, Wall Township, and Morganville, NJ

Sports-related concussions can be severe and lead to much bigger problems for athletes down the road. A concussion is caused by a direct or an indirect bump, blow or jolt to the head. Concussions may not only cause damage to the brain, but also to other areas of the body, including the cervical spine, the vestibular system (or inner ear) and the eyes. Most concussions will resolve with rest within 10 days; however, 10% of athletes experience concussion symptoms for days, weeks or even months after the initial injury.

At Elite Sports Physical Therapy in Tinton Falls, Wall Township, and Morganville, NJ our trained sports physical therapists are an integral part of the sports medicine team in evaluating injured athletes and providing rehab after concussions. We communicate directly with physicians, athletic trainers, parents/guardians and coaches to ensure our patients get off the sidelines and back in the game safely.

Come to Elite Sports Physical Therapy today to find out how we can help your child with concussion rehabilitation.

How can we help you with your concussion?

We take concussions very seriously at Elite Sports Physical Therapy. When you come to us for rehab after a concussion, you'll receive:

  • A comprehensive initial evaluation
  • Cervical spine screening and manual therapy
  • Vestibular testing and rehabilitation
  • Oculomotor screening and treatment
  • Progressive exertional/aerobic exercise training with heart rate monitoring
  • Balance/proprioceptive training
  • Athlete and parent education
  • Return-to-play protocol implementation when appropriate
  • Home-based exercises to do on your own

Don't let your concussion go untreated and risk more serious problems. Contact Elite Sports Physical Therapy today for concussion rehabilitation services.