Experience Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training and the countless positive ways it can help you get back on the field after injury or surgery.

What is it?

BFR training is a supplemental method of rehabilitating moderate-to-significant injuries which involves placing an occlusion cuff and unit around an exercising limb to stimulate muscle growth and recovery. A pre-determined percentage of blood flow to your muscles is occluded and is followed by exercising at a low intensity using high repetitions, to accelerate rehabilitation timelines of all injuries.

What are the benefits?

Applying a blood flow restriction unit in conjunction with low intensity exercise has been shown time and again in controlled research to improve strength, muscle size, bone healing, and muscle activation in patients who cannot tolerate heavy loading after significant injury or surgery. Improving strength gains and muscle size in rehabilitation can significantly accelerate recovery time by decreasing the negative effects of prolonged inactivity, and getting YOU, the athlete, back to doing what you love to do FASTER.

How does it work?

Essentially, the application of a personalized blood flow restriction unit combined with specific and individualized exercises prescribed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy creates a low-oxygen environment in your body that physiologically mimics high-intensity activity. Systemically in the body, this stimulates your brain to release different growth hormones and chemicals that not only help build muscle, but also limit the amount of muscle breakdown that is typically associated with high level activity (some of the reason you might feel soreness after a long workout!). The trick is, that this can be applied as early as DAY ONE after surgery, which can get athletes with various injuries and procedures back in the gym and on the field with a significantly accelerated rehabilitation timeframe.

Who would benefit?

If you have had a significant injury that has caused you to miss time away from competition, chances are your condition will be improved by using BFR training. Multiple research studies have been published on the positive effects of BFR application with orthopedic conditions of all types, ranging from ACL reconstruction, fractures, muscle strains, and many more. The key is that all of these injuries can potentially be rehabilitated using BFR starting from Day 1 after injury, and can prevent the negative effects of limb disuse all the way to return to play and beyond. As one of the only BFR rehab providers in all of New Jersey, Elite Sports Physical Therapy is your stop to experience the benefits of the newest and most effective rehab movement currently being used by countless professional and collegiate teams, and elite-level athletes of various sports. Come by and ask your Physical Therapist at Elite if BFR is a safe and effective rehab option for you!

* Our blood flow restriction units are the most effective cuffs on the current market, developed and marketed by Owens Recovery Systems© in Houston, TX. This group has pioneered and analyzed multiple research studies that support the use of BFR in rehabilitation.