Fully Recover From Your ACL Injury

Fully Recover From Your ACL Injury

Elite athlete rehabilitation specialists located in Tinton Falls, NJ

Come back better than ever from your ACL injury! We rehabilitate more athletes with ACL injuries than any other PT center in NJ!

"POP," the dreaded sound many athletes hear when they tear their ACL. Followed by the realization that the next few months will be full of challenges to return to the sport they love. At Elite Sports Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves in the fact that our "ACL club" members not only return to their sports, but return faster, stronger, and less likely to re-tear. Since we specialize in the rehabilitation of adolescent athletes, and even more specifically, in the treatment of young athletes with ACL injuries, we have the facility, equipment, experience, and confidence to take athletes beyond were they were prior to their injury, thereby returning them to the field or court physically and mentally stronger than ever before.

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What will your rehabilitation plan include?

At Elite Sports Physical Therapy, located in Tinton Falls, NJ, you’ll receive the specialized care you need for your ACL injury. Your rehabilitation will include:

  • Prehab mobilization
  • Post surgical care
  • Swelling mediation
  • Activation of quadriceps
  • Strength training
  • Jogging and working on linear speed
  • Lateral movement
  • Sport-specific rehabilitation after five months
  • Continue on to higher levels of strength training and sports performance training
  • Return to sport training
  • Get you back in the shape you were in before the injury

To learn more about our rehabilitation process, call 732-544-0011 today. We’ll be happy to speak with you.