Sports acupuncturist, Alyssa Risi, MS, Dipl. Ac., L. Ac., working her magic on an elite gymnast during ACL rehabilitation

Dr. Wes Ostrzycki, performing manual therapy for ACL rehabilitation

Dr. Zach Fendrick keeps a close eye on technique during ACL rehabilitation

Our very experience strength and conditioning staff making sure that each athlete is performing his/her exercises with proper technique

Dr. Sharon Wentworth providing manual therapy for an elite gymnast following ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair surgery.

Dr. Sharon Wentworth supervises a session of BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) training with an elite gymnast following ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair surgery.

Strength and conditioning specialist, Russell Anderson, MA, CSCS, TPI-2, giving one-on-one supervision to a rehabbing athlete performing eccentric hamstring exercises

Finding ways to challenge very high-level athletes while rehabbing from an ACL injury

Using resistance bands to cue proper knee dynamic movements

working on proper jumping and landing technique with an athlete during the plyometric phase of ACL rehabilitation

This is what high level athletes look like when coming back from an ACL injury at Elite Sports Physical Therapy

Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Christina Bernal, MS, CSCS, working with a collegiate Lacrosse player as she performs one of the hardest hamstring exercises, the Glute/Ham raise.

Dr. Stephen Bade performing manual stretches on an athlete

Adding a medicine ball to an already hard exercise!

Our strength and conditioning staff providing very important one-on-one supervision and cueing to an athlete as she performs high level rehab exercises

Isolating the Quad

"Plyo Prep!" An athlete performs explosive landmines to prepare for the next phase, plyometrics

Progress! An athlete transitions from the AlterG Anti-gravity Treadmill to the standard Treadmill during the running phase of ACL rehabilitation

"Plyo Prep!" An athlete gets one-on-one training while doing medicine ball squat catches to prepare for the next phase, plyometrics

"Eye of the tiger." A high level soccer athlete keeps her eye on the prize as she performs single leg RDLs during ACL rehabilitation

Using resistance bands and Val slides to challenge our ACL athletes.

Using Keiser resistance training to challenge our elite gymnast as she rehabs from an ACL and meniscus injury.

Of course, we end the session with the all-important ice treatment.

Using sandbag training during hip lifts with an elite gymnast

Dr. Stephen Bade examines an elbow of a baseball pitcher for a possible Ulnar Collateral Ligament injury